I have magic hair that glows when I sing.  W h a t ?

because an angel should never touch ground.


The Legendary Chris Redfield


RE6 - Jake/Sherry Campaign | 1 gif per chapter

[I love the progression of how they become physically closer n each gif, until they’re literally holding each other at the end!]

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"Aaah! You my man!"

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Sheva Alomar + Shades of Purple
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Men are born, and then they’re formed.



So before anyone gets too excited about Revelations 2, I just want people to consider that this is not the first time this rumor came out. It surfaced maybe before the port of Revelations was announced (if I remember correctly) and it was supposed to come out in Dec 2013. Anyone remember this?


I’d like to try and deem News Bot of Project Umbrella as a reliable source when he decides to drop hints about the spin-off title, but these rumors popping up have been confirmed by both him and their listing on Russian retail sites before they were removed. He says that the game from which the new coverart and screenshot were taken from is the same one he’s been talking about before E3. Why it was decided not to be shown at E3 is unknown, but the cards are on TGS for it’s reveal.

Any sites that had coverage on the leaked boxart and screen were immediately requested to take them down, while sites with bogus rumors  and/or images still remain.

That poster is likely a fake(but the game is supposed to have been in development for quite a while so leaks are possible, dates can change, resources can be scrapped) ; it’s not like fake material cant be created in anticipation of such a title with or without leaked information.

There’s been tons of fabricated information since the end of last year created in hope to generate hype about a RE7 or a second Revelations, so if there was anything genuine leaked, it would be twisted amongst existing rumors and hard to discern as being believable.    

For the most part, I believe that News Bot was telling the truth. There’s always that part of me that will doubt these rumors though, whether it was completely made up or a misunderstanding. News Bot said that the game has been in development for a while, and if so the game should be revealed/confirmed soon.

I was actually stalking visiting the Capcom Unity forums and another member who claimed to have information also said that News Bot was correct about Rev2, and both stated that it’s highly likely that Claire is one of the returning characters. The second person went as far as to say it’s basically confirmed. They also said something about an “extra mode” with a special voice actor.

Oh well… TGS is less than a month away, I believe. We’ll find out then.