Anonymous whispered: Claire Redfield

The motorcycle that Claire drove into Racoon City with was an 18th birthday present from Chris.

Claire teases Chris relentlessly about his and Jill’s partnership/friendship.

Claire loves the wintertime but after Antarctica she grew to dislike the cold.

Jill taught her how to use a lock-pick, in addition to teaching her some self-defense moves (stuff that Chris couldn’t teach her).

Claire had braces when she was a kid (and hates when Chris teases her about it).

Claire is just as stubborn as Chris. She also has the same temper but doesn’t get riled as easily.

She sings in the shower.

She bits her lip when she’s nervous.

She loves cookie dough ice-cream and its her snack and comfort food all in one.

She doesn’t like to put her hair down when she’s around other people but when she’s at home she doesn’t bother with a ponytail.

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Anonymous whispered: Sherry Birkin

Sherry had a really bad fear of the dark after Raccoon City.

Sherry had all A’s in school and read 2 grade levels ahead of everyone else.

In school, she spent recess reading books and often got in trouble for reading in class.

(Older) Sherry loves high places.

Annette began to teach Sherry piano when she turned 10.

Sherry’s favorite perfume is vanilla and lilies. (Also, her favorite flowers are lilies)

Sherry is ambidextrous but her dominant hand was always her left hand. (She broke her wrist when she was 8 and had to learn to write with her right. Her father is also left-handed.)

Claire once convinced Simmons to let her leave the facility for a day, and Claire let her ride on the back of her motorcycle.

Sherry is really competitive.

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Anonymous whispered: Helena Harper

Helena is a morning person and feels like she can get more done before noon.

Helena loves scented candles and finds them relaxing.

Helena hates the rain.

Helena has beautiful cursive handwriting.

Helena is prone to getting really bad colds and the flu.

Helena’s favorite thing is a pink stuffed cat that her sister got her for her 6th birthday. (Deborah has a matching green cat)

Helena used to smoke but quit.

Helena’s bisexual.

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I don’t think The Last of Us was scary.

This was mine :) It was an all out action game, there’s no denying it. Don’t even say ‘The clickers were so scary’ because honestly… I felt suspense but suspense does not equal horror. Once you know how the clickers work, they aren’t scary.

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Anonymous whispered: WHY DO YOU HATE RE6??!






Hmm, let’s see.

RE6 fans say its gameplay is a step in the right direction, and with new next gen technologies tank controls would look ridiculous, and no one would play these games.

I say Resident Evil as it is now is dead. Yeah, you can roll your eyes, but let me explain myself.

Resident Evil is known for its horror atmosphere, puzzles, and a slow-paced gameplay. But an RE game doesn’t necessarily have to have tank controls to stay an RE game. Revelations was perfect. But let’s talk about RE6 first:

  • since when can’t we customize/choose our weapons?
  • since when do we have to press 15 keys to open a door?
  • since when do we have a white arrow show us the way to our destination? are we five? can’t we figure it out by ourselves?
  • in addition to the previous point, everything happens so fast my usual thoughts are WHAT’S GOING ON? WHAT JUST HAPPENED? WHERE ARE WE GOING AND WHY? OH HEY I HAVE MAGICAL WHITE ARROW, I’LL JUST GO WHEREVER IT TELLS ME TO GO. Oh wow, a boss. So unpredictable.
  • what’s the point of the characters talking while being surrounded by dozens of enemies? do they even hear themselves? because i don’t.
  • since when did “challenging camera angles” become WHAT AM I DOING? WHERE AM I? DO I REALLY HAVE TO DIE FIFTIETH TIME IN A ROW? OH NO PIERS DON’T FALL YOU IDIOT! Oh wait, I’m Piers.
  • was it really necessary to make us run like hell half of the game like we’re chased by a hundred of Nemesises? and if we don’t a magical bus falls from the sky and crushes us along with the not-so-magical white arrow?
  • centaur -> dinosaur -> fly -> human is the best mutation in Resident Evil history.
  • since when does a human being inherit his antibodies from his father? or is it a confirmation that Wesker is secretly a woman? GUYS GUYS I think I just made a discovery.
  • since when are amnesiac alcoholics allowed to lead people in a war zone?
  • was it really necessary for Ada to kiss that RPG?

Okay, I can go on forever. RE6 is ridiculous in many ways. And it’s not scary. How can you be scared when your next move is given to you on a silver platter? And when the characters are constantly talking, and you’re not even given a single second to think it through?

It’s not Resident Evil. It’s an action shooter with some horror elements. I don’t like playing it alone because it’s boring. I barely finished it once. On the other hand, Revelations is truly a step in the right direction. Sure, the gameplay is still different from the classic games. But it has all the other features that make this game a part of the RE series AND a survival horror.

Feel free to argue with me here, but my opinion will not change. I like pretending RE6 never happened, because it’s a disgrace to the series. If you like it, it’s great, just don’t say it’s what the next games should be like. Wait, no, you actually can say it. Resident Evil is already dead anyway.

I was playing RE6 the one day and I tried to quick turn and Jake ended up on his back, sliding down an icy mountain. This happened several times because there is way too many controls with similar controls. The only thing they needed to add was the walk and shot thing… I don’t like the RE6 controls either. I didn’t like the cell phone guide thing, the skill point system (what the fuck), or the fact you couldn’t chose your own weapons. Did not feel like RE. Not only that, but Leon’s campaign promised to be the old school horror campaign, but it wasn’t scary and they didn’t even attempt a jump scare. Plus, I also had 150+ ammo on me (They promised low ammo like in old RE, haha)

Don’t get me started on plot. There’s only like 3 or 4 things that kept me interested in the game. And many plotholes! (Where the fuck is Jill and Claire in all this, for one… How the fuck did no one notice Chris leave the hospital? Why the fuck did it take six months to find him in the exact city they lost him?) Simmons was a horrible villain (as many holes in his plan as the RE6 plot) and to be honest Leon’s campaign should have been Helena’s alone, because Leon is only guiding her up until they chase after Simmons/help Ada.

They also could have added jump. Who cares it’s an RPG thing, it’d be a cool feature and would make the gameplay even more entertaining.
I’m usually playing with my friend, and every time we start I ask her what to press to do this or that. Such a complicated controls system, and I don’t even want to bother remembering it.

Ohh, RE6 should have been named Resident Evil: The Plotholes. Because why not, it fits. So many stupid, unreasonable, and impossible things. And yes, I agree about Leon’s campaign. But Leon is the face of the series, so nope, let them think he’s the leading man. At least Ada’s campaign was slightly better than the other three. If only there was an option to mute her schizophrenic remarks.

I wasn’t even finished with the first two campaigns and I didn’t remember how to do certain controls. I’d sit there for a second like ‘L1, then square? No, ‘L1 then wiggle the joystick’. It was ridiculous and if you put the game down for months and start in the middle of a chapter… this is what happened to me recently. It was not pretty.

Many plotholes, indeed. I don’t think anyone needs to reopen the Jill/Claire thing. (Seriously? Chris was missing for one hour in Revelations and Jill was visibly shaken and Claire chased after him for 3 months after Raccoon City… there better be a damn good reason they weren’t involved.) To be honest, I love Leon (in a very healthy way) but there was no need for him in RE6 and I really didn’t think he was that great in Damnation and Degeneration.

Everyone watched this, right? No? Go watch it now then, because this song is RE6 in a nutshell. I’m playing on PC (because why would I pay thrice more for a PS3 version of such a shitty game), but I’m suffering just the same.

Jill/Claire thing will always be here. Unless CAPCOM give a nice explanation to it, but I doubt they will.

Leon is just there to look pretty and attract fangirls C: Yes, he did a few relevant things, but let’s be real, his importance in the last games/movies is exaggerated. He doesn’t really contribute anything new to the plot anymore.

Haha, yes  RE6 is ridiculous with the QTE’s. I’m probably alone on this, but I’ve never minded (sometimes enjoyed) QTE’s in moderation but Re6 is way too ridiculous with it.

I’m 99% sure Capcom will never explain that and we’ll just have assume that they didn’t do anything and left it in the hands of the BSAA, which is something they’d never do.

I think Damnation was kind of a waste. There really wasn’t much story there and Capcom just used it to exploit Ada and Leon more. The only important connection to RE6 was the civil war, which hardly mattered in RE6 anyway. It was connecting to Edonia and that was only, what, 3 chapters out of 20 in the game? I don’t feel like Damnation had a point to it.